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·Adds quantity values from Product Order Info. above.
·Removes product line when quantity is zero after form is totaled.
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NiceLand Gifts ships only within the USA.

Most of our products are made from native hardwoods and many countries restrict wood imports.

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Default shipping lets NiceLand Gifts choose the shipping method.
Default shipping has no additional charges for a limited time.

Email will be sent with secure payment link after NiceLand reviews order.

Niceland accepts:

  Standard ordering process description  

 First Step:
   Customer Orders Products:

  1. Choose product quantity.
  2. Fill out 'Product Order Form' (use button).
  3. Enter contact and shipping information.
  4. Choose shipping method.
  5. Click on the 'submit order' button.
    Submission Automatically:
    1. Creates webpage feedback message.
    2. Sends Feedback email to customer.

 Second Step:
   NiceLand Gifts reviews order:

  1. Content reviewed.
  2. Order compared to inventory.
  3. Reserve inventory for order.
  4. Calculate shipping & handling costs if any.
  5. Add taxes (if applicable).
  6. Send Email message with all costs for final customer review. Email includes link to secure server for payment.

 Third Step:
   Payment and shipping:

  1. Customer receives payment fullfilment email, fills out credit card information and submits payment (includes all costs)
  2. NiceLand Gifts receives payment and ships product.

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